Sunday, May 1, 2011

Travis and Cale gardening

Travis loves to do yard work.... mowing, building flower beds, clearing the lot behind us, etc. We love to be outside and it makes the surroundings so enjoyable throughout the spring/summer with all of his hard work on display. I was on bed-rest the last 2 weeks before Caroline arrived so we were pretty much stuck at the house on the weekends, boo! Travis and Cale decided to stay busy by putting in a new flower bed in the back yard. Cale thought he was big stuff getting dirty and even planting the flowers. I just supervised on the lounge chair and worked on my tan, I think it was a win-win for me!

Getting a free ride from Daddy

Picking out the rocks

Cale was being too rough with the flowers so we told him that you had to be easy with them and give them lots of he is giving the flowers hugs after he planted each one! He is so silly.

I'm a hot mess!!

Finally got my hydrangea bushes, yeah!

Monkey man hanging from the tree

This is when we were trying to come in from outside, he was throwing a bit of a fit and I couldn't resist catching him in the act

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