Friday, April 15, 2011

Showered with Love

My girlfriends threw me a wonderful shower to honor the arrival of our Little Caroline. It was so much fun and I loved getting to see all of my family and friends together to celebrate this huge blessing to our lives. We are so thankful to have so many people that care about our growing family. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the four of us. Thanks again ladies, you all are the BEST!!

My wonderful skinny friends:) Courtney, Brittany, Becky, and Lindsey-the hostesses

Have to give some credit to Brittany for the cute flower rattle, she is so crafty!

I didn't get any pics of the food, but these cookies were so fun!

Tons of wonderful gifts, she is definitely spoiled!

Cale came to check out all of the fun stuff for his baby sister, and my wonderful mother

Caroline's Nursery

Well no time like the last minute, Travis and I finished our little Caroline's nursery last night. It is so crazy to me how different this pregnancy has differed from Cale's. I had Cale ready to go around 4 months early and Caroline's nursery was finished with 1 week to spare. I guess that's the difference when you are chasing a 2 year old around. It was pretty fun getting to decorate in pink this time around and we accented with little birds in pink and green and polka dots. I did let Travis off the hook from painting because she will just be downstairs temporarily until she and her brother will be running the upstairs kid zone together. I think daddy was relieved as well.....anyone remember the crazy stripes from the last house? So cute but I think Travis was ready to kill me after it was said and done with, the joys of a hormonal wife. Enjoy the pics, she is ready to move in!

Sorry, I just love these shoes and had to include them. One day I'm sure Mommy and Caroline will get in lots of trouble over shoes, and many other things, ha! We'll just send the boys to the golf course.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Baseball season is upon us!

Travis recently bought Cale a new baseball and glove and since we had a nice day out we decided it was the perfect day for some catch. He needs to work on that arm, but he was getting the hang of it. I know we are probably creating a monster at the age of 2, but it is a great energy burner!

Cale's life at 2

One of my favorite things about your face are your beautiful eyelashes...maybe I'm just jealous!

Coloring with Woody

After bath time you love to snuggle in Mommy and Daddy's bed to watch Elmo. Last night you said the sweetest thing to truly melted my heart. You snuggled up to him, gave him a big hug and said, "Daddy, I'm so happy!"

This was the morning of your actual birthday playing with the leftover decorations and about to open presents from mommy and daddy, you still have bedhead.

Good morning my big 2 year old!

Happy Birthday Cale, I can't believe that you are already 2 years old! The time has flown by and I couldn't imagine what our lives would be without you. You bring so much laughter and joy to our home and you amaze us each and every day with all that you do. Here are a few things that you are doing now.
  • We have moved you upstairs because your little sister is going to be coming soon, you like to sleep in your "choo choo" bed and every night is the same routine. You are very scheduled....hmmm how did that happen? Daddy has to read, A Mudpie for Mother, and Mommy has to read Tickle Monster. Then we all have to sing Old McDonald had a Farm and you get to pick the animals, after that it is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, kisses for both you and Woody and your off to bed. You really do make it pretty easy on us.
  • You are still kind of little in the leg department to walk up the stairs by yourself, so we count on the way up to 16 while we hold your hand. In the morning you insist on us to hold you, no math too early for this kid!
  • Your new thing is to "making a mess" I am ready for this phase to pass, b/c you really like to dig in Mommy's flower pots and throw dirt all over the back patio.
  • You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be outside! Whether it is riding your four wheeler, tricycle, in your wagon, playing soccer, baseball or looking for bugs, it is always a struggle to get you inside to eat and get ready for bed.
  • You are almost potty trained, YEAH! You wear big boy undies everyday and only wear a pull-up when we are going into public, nap-time and bedtime. You rarely have accidents which is nice since we are about to have another diaper wearing sibling in the house.
  • You love to sing songs, dance, play with your friend next door and your puppy Barkley. Your new favorite toy is Woody from Toy Story, you take him everywhere with you and many times he is what wakes us up in the morning with his lovely sayings streaming through the monitor.
We love you so much Cale and can't wait to see how much you grow this next year! Above are some pictures from Cale's birthday weekend.

Cale's 2nd Birthday Bash

We had Cale's 2nd Birthday party at our home this year again, what was I thinking 7 1/2 months pregnant, right? The truth is I LOVE planning a party and really enjoy entertaining our family and friends. This years theme was "Little Monsters" and I had a blast finding things to create the perfect party for our little man.

This was the only picture we got as a family. It was a crazy day and Cale was keeping us hopping in the bounce house.

Cale and Daddy checking out the cake

Making a wish!

Only a face a mother could was pretty funny watching all of the kids with these masks

Cale loved bouncing and pretty much stayed in the bounce house the entire party. I guess looking back I should have made him socialize with the guests more, but he was having so much fun!

Of course no party would be complete without presents! Here he is opening his new best friend Woody from Toy Story. This thing seriously doesn't leave his side.
We had such an amazing 2 year celebration for our little Monster. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a special time.