Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last night as an only child...sniff, sniff

Our sweet Cale baby, WOW, I can't imaging loving someone as much as you. I know my heart will grow even more tomorrow with the birth of your baby sister but you seriously are more than we ever could have dreamed for! Tonight we went ahead and pre-died Easter eggs b/c if everything goes as planned we should be getting home from the hospital sometime on Saturday afternoon and we couldn't guarantee that we would be up to boiling, dying, and decorating eggs before bed. I really would like to just embrace life as a new family of four.

Your last night as an only child consisted of playing outside on your trampoline, ordering pizza (one of your favorites), dying Easter eggs, and then some extra long story and singing time before bed. It was hard to not think of how things were going to change just by adding one more baby into the loop of things and I teared up a bit while reading your books to you. Daddy and I talked about how we are going to try and keep things as normal as possible for you to make sure that you won't feel left out, ever! I hope that you take this transition like a champ and love her as much as she will you. I know you will be the best big brother because you have such a sweet and gentle nature. You always make us proud and I know you won't disappoint here either. We love you more than we could ever say in words and hope you are as excited as us to welcome another child into this wonderful family. We love you BIG BROTHER!!!

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