Friday, April 15, 2011

Caroline's Nursery

Well no time like the last minute, Travis and I finished our little Caroline's nursery last night. It is so crazy to me how different this pregnancy has differed from Cale's. I had Cale ready to go around 4 months early and Caroline's nursery was finished with 1 week to spare. I guess that's the difference when you are chasing a 2 year old around. It was pretty fun getting to decorate in pink this time around and we accented with little birds in pink and green and polka dots. I did let Travis off the hook from painting because she will just be downstairs temporarily until she and her brother will be running the upstairs kid zone together. I think daddy was relieved as well.....anyone remember the crazy stripes from the last house? So cute but I think Travis was ready to kill me after it was said and done with, the joys of a hormonal wife. Enjoy the pics, she is ready to move in!

Sorry, I just love these shoes and had to include them. One day I'm sure Mommy and Caroline will get in lots of trouble over shoes, and many other things, ha! We'll just send the boys to the golf course.

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