Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 1: Favorite Summertime Activities

OK, I know I have been a terrible blogger, but I am going to try and blog once a week with Jenny Collier's Documenting Life Challenge as my inspiration.  Each week she gives you a prompt for a different type of photo to take, so here it goes. I am of course a week behind but I will try to keep on task from here on out. 

Week 1: Your child's favorite summertime activity

Cale really loves to be outside and before Caroline was born this year we enrolled him in swimming lessons.  Every chance that we have to get him in the water we take it. Thankfully, our great friends let us crash their pool quite frequently. Cale really enjoys himself and is a maniac on the diving board!  This particular day the water was freezing but brave Uncle Ryan got in the pool with the kiddos and saved the day.  

 Caroline's outside summer activities have been pretty limited because of the crazy heat we have experienced this year. She absolutely adores her big brother Cale and I caught a couple of sweet moments of him playing with her on one of the recent cooler days. 


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